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Known name(s): Ryokou Alcaeus Kavallion, Vergil

True name: Unknown

Age: Between his time in dragonsleep and the morphic time changes of the various planes he has traveled to he is the equivalent of 11,000 human years old.

Gender: Male

Current Location: Unknown

Birthplace: The Elemental Plane of Air

Height: 22'

Weight: 450,000 pounds

Wingspan: 150'

Skin color: Silver scales with red outline

Eye Color: His right eye is the color of molten silver and his left is a deep crimson. Both eyes are completely that color, without pupil.

Species: Silver/Red Dragon hybrid

Titles/Alias: Prince of Scales, Nyght, Luxuria.

Languages known: Elvish, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Orcish, Halfling,

Human Form

Height: 6'5

Weight: 252

Eye color: Same as in his true form. However while in his human form Ryo prefers to wear custom made contacts or utilize a magic device to change.

Hair color: Short and spiked silver. Is known to dye his hair when in disguise.

Skin color: His flesh has slightly hardened silver scales with the same red outlines as his true form. Through the use of temporary magic he can change to look more like a normal human. His preference is an olive skin tone.

All other appearances are the same as the Dragon form except his wingspan is shortened to thirty feet.

"And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon"-Revelation 12:3

Long, long ago, Io created his first children, intent on perfecting all aspects of dragons. His first child was a striking creation, full of all the perfect, physical characteristics of dragonkind. Io named it Vorel, which means "beautiful" in Draconic. As it happened, Vorel had very limited intellect and discernment. Vorel was sweet-natured, bright-eyed, and eager to please, much as a friendly dog is with its master. Though it was flawed, Io still loved this little dragon.

Io found that one form was too limited to contain everything he wanted to include. So he made two—one male and one female, one good and one evil. Embodied in them were the passions and propensities of all dragons.

These offspring were Bahamut and Tiamat. Io intended for the two wyrmlings to grow up together, learn from each other, and eventually mate, bringing together all the attributes of dragonkind. The children of Tiamat and Bahamut would be wonderful, perfect dragons.

Instead of filial love and affection, immediate rivalry sprang up between the two. Their natures were too much at odds to allow them to feel affection or even respect for one another. Both of them sought Io's approbation and competed for his favor.

Bahamut strove to gain his father's good regard through exemplary behavior, trying to be the noblest creature he could be. Tiamat, on the other hand, used cunning and caprice. After several schemes failed to raise her above her brother in their father's affections, Tiamat designed a dramatic plot.

The wyrmling goddess endeavored to sow jealousy and enmity between Bahamut and Vorel. She had Vorel destroy some of Bahamut's favorite magic devices. Although Bahamut merely reacted with regret at the loss of his treasures, Tiamat told their father that her brother had been enraged by the destruction. Then she waited until a time when all others in the household slept the deep sleep of dragonkind. She slew Vorel, Io's first creation, and spattered some of her victim's blood on Bahamut.

Tiamat knew that Io loved Vorel and anticipated that Bahamut would be slain or at least exiled for his apparent murder of the firstborn—but she erred. She supposed that Io would react as she would to such an incident. The Creator of Dragonkind, however, did not respond with the shortsighted rage and impetuousness Tiamat expected. Instead, his love for his children led him to investigate and ascertain the truth. Grievously disappointed, he banished Tiamat from his presence. He still cared for and loved his daughter but could not continue to foster her in his household.

With this rejection, Tiamat's love for her father turned to hate. She then decided to bring forth creatures of her own and became the Creator of Evil Dragonkind. Bahamut felt driven to oppose his sister's evil and became the King of the Good Dragons.

In this way, Io lost his three children—one to death, one to evil, and one to good. Some say that he still hopes to create a perfect race of dragons through the offspring of Bahamut and Tiamat. The Great Eternal Wheel turns, and Io is patient.

And that was how the prophecy started; the hopes that one day Bahamut and Tiamat would set apart their differences and finally produce the children that Io wanted. It is unknown when or why the two deities finally did put their differences aside, each sending a Dragon that was an avatar for the two polar opposite Gods. Regardless a clutch was produced, baring at least four Dragons of hybrid colors. Each Dragon was half Chromatic half Metallic, with traits from both sides. And so the Fabled were born, each with powers beyond that of their normal kin.

“Suppose you throw a coin enough times; suppose one day it lands on its edge?”-Kain

His first several years of life were spent in the endless skies of Elysium, learning the basics of his abilities and how to survive as a Dragon. He worked closely with his twin and immediate older brother during this time, the three being virtually inseparable despite living different lives. When he was three he took up residence in the Grey Mountains in the Iron Trail, learning some of the talents of the elves near him, taking the name “Eruista” to blend in more thoroughly. He encountered his first taste of war after a combined ambush of Drow and humans on the kingdom. Eruista helped evacuate as many citizens as he could, but the city was lost. Courtesy of the brutality of the fight his initial and long standing prejudice against both species would spawn, not being able to comprehend the sheer malice involved in the attacks.

During the next ninety years he was involved in the war until its bitter end. Many times he had to utilize his growing Draconic abilities to defend himself and his group which included: his brothers, the prince of Klaice and his sister. He became mildly proficient with humanoid weaponry during this time but preferred to dedicate his study to his natural Psionics. The group became rather close during the war, including a very close friendship with the prince named Laito; there was even a mutual but un-admitted love between himself and the princess Sada. When peace was finally restored to the region the party broke up to allow the royalty to rebuild their empire.

The three brothers decided to split up and live their own lives as well. Eruista endeavored to find out if there were other hatchlings in his clutch and sought out his brothers or sisters. He came to find a Gold and White Dragon hybrid that was indeed his older brother. His name was Mobius. The two rapidly became fast friends and developed the same harmless sibling rivalry that he shared with his other siblings. Being much older, Mobius was much more proficient in magic than the younger Dragon and the duo traveled across time and the multiverse, fighting in various wars and learning as much as they could. When they would come across two warring groups Eruista and Mobius took turns deciding which side to take, and would spend years in the disguise of the people they were helping. Normally the decision was to help the side that was not “evil” a standard that they had asked for help from their father multiple times. They fought side by said for more than a millennium.

However their partnership would come to an end. During one of their exploits they had found a much larger tribe of White Dragons raiding a human village. Despite the Silver Dragon’s prejudices he took the humans’ side, having sworn to protect those in need as his father had done. Mobius betrayed his brother; choosing the lesser of his species. The White Dragons ravaged the city despite the younger Dragon fighting valiantly. The war had become personal between the brothers and they unleashed everything they had upon one another. It was only when he realized he was the sole surviving member of his side that Eruista manifested a unique extension of his Psionics against his brother; a blade of semi-solid energy. In face of this unique weapon and tapped out of his vast resources Mobius sent his brother spiraling through time and space, in order to better prepare himself for their next encounter. Mourning what he still considers to be his greatest failure, he began to wander this new world. Since then he has not returned to the place of that ill-fated battle.

He found himself on what he later discovered to be called “Earth.” Frowning upon his bad luck he traversed the desert for forty days before finding a human civilization. They were not like the humans in his realm, only beginning their existence. While there was indeed avarice and ambition in some of them, the general populace was not as inherently evil as he had experienced. They would be later named Egyptians.

Originally he opted just to be a peasant, taking random names, working his life around the rise and the fall of the Nile. He spent a few very happy, peaceful, lives there. During one of his lives he finally had gained ambition and eventually rose to be the High priest of Osiris and advisor to the Pharaoh. During his tenure he was gifted with the secret of one of the she-beasts that were rumored to live in one of the pyramids. Supposedly she fed on the blood of those convicted of crimes and the sun burned her flesh. Naturally he investigated later on that night and met a woman who was so much more.

Bayjor was a former Atlantean princess; she ran from her home to the surface and was bitten by a vampire named Cain. After escaping him as well she had stayed away from the sea and had been living on land amongst the humans. They left Egypt as quickly as they could to make their own life together. Both Eruista and Bayjor had children, each with a human partner. Jacen was Eruista’s son and Aireana was Bayjor’s daughter. As Jacen and Aireana fell in love, Bayjor and Eruista found that they too were falling for one another. The two lived a happy life for centuries; even Jacen and Aireana had a daughter Kelsea. It was not to last. Mobius had followed his brother and revealed their location to the Atlanteans in exchange for supplies and warriors for his next move.

The first sign of trouble was a scream of rage from Jacen; arming themselves Eruista and Bayjor arrived in time to see the boy cut down. Kelsea had already been murdered, a triton having run her through. The two parents fought bravely with their remaining child but the last stand was just that. Aireana was given a quick death in the middle of the battle, similarly to how her daughter died. In the end the numbers game caught up to the duo. For her insolence and rebellion Bayjor was poisoned, left to die in the sea that had been her home long ago. Eruista had the honor of the King himself casting a tremendous lightning bolt at him, leaving him for dead. As the soldiers marched off he counted his blessings; of all things he was attacked with it was electricity. While the blow hurt: boiled his blood, left him limping in pain, it did not kill him. Both his older brother and Bayjor were more than proficient in the same element; Eruista had practice in defending himself from it. Taking a day to mourn his family, lick his wounds, and assess the situation with Bayjor he plotted.

“This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment.-Frank Castle

Contrary to modern belief, Atlantis was not in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean; instead the brilliant city was in the North Sea. The pair limped their way to Atlantis knowing it was to be their last journey together. Bayjor had to refrain from getting too close to the actual city, unless their entire plan was spoiled. It was luck or fate that day that the main forces of the army were in the midst of a crushing defeat in Athens, miles away. Bringing all of his psionics to bare the Fabled channeled his energy in to the base of the city, setting off an earthquake. As the city shook and rumbled he turned and began to run; Atlantis beginning to sink behind him. He almost made it back to Bayjor, but was crushed underneath one of the shattered pieces of rock. Now that her city was destroyed the Last Atlantean made her way to her lover, shattering the rock that had crushed him underneath. As the poison weakened her further, she bit in to Eruista’s neck, feeding off of his blood. Finding that his blood did not eliminate the poison running through her veins, she cut her neck and pressed herself to the dying Dragon, willing him to live. In the heat of the bloodlust he drained Bayjor dry as she had hoped, exchanging her life for his. It took days for his body to change and repair itself at the bottom of the ocean. He awoke alone, his mind flooded with memories of what had happened. Option to move on instead of end his life, he buried his friend and love and swam Southeast. Little did he know his actions there would be cause of myth and legend, spawning both the legends of Atlantis and the myth of the Demon of the North Sea.

After doing what little research he could, Eruista discovered his vampiric lineage. Bayjor was the childe of the vampire Cain, the very man who had been banished from the Garden of Eden after slaughtering his brother. During his banishment Cain had encountered Lilith, the first wife of Adam, who had become a demon during her own banishment. They exchanged blood which changed Cain forever; he had become the first vampire. Due to the power of this bloodline Eruista was immune to many of the things modern vampires are not. Running water, garlic and holy objects had no effect on him. He did not have to sleep in a coffin or even the Earth if he did not wish to. The most intriguing thing was that while the sun burned his skin like a bad sun burn, after years of feeding and existing that eventually faded too.

He came across a wonderful people as he made his way out of the Aegean Sea. Once again he took multiple names and occupations first living for about a century in the pillar of democracy and learning; Athens. It was during one of their yearly bouts with the neighboring Sparta that he became enthralled by the warrior tribe. In that engagement he was counted amongst the dead and moved south to investigate this fascinating city. He found a home amongst these people, learning a great deal of human weaponry and tactics. It was here that a human named Alcaeus discovered the secret of his species and kept it, proud that a Dragon had chosen his family. Eruista fought in many wars for Sparta, including being selected as a member of King Leonidas’ guard on a mission to defend the Thermopylae Pass against the invading Persians.

Mobius had followed his younger brother to Greece and formulated a plan. Instead of engaging him directly the older Dragon took the form of a Greek named Ephialtes, the legendary traitor. Mobius told the Persians about a weakness in the pass that allowed the back guard of several hundred Spartans and 1000 Phoecians to become surrounded. The battle ended quickly with a crushing defeat for the united Greek forces. After the Persians had moved forward through the pass Eruista stood and saw his brother laughing and bragging about his victory. Twice the younger brother had been the sole survivor of their battles, and twice he had lost. History, and Eruista, came to know Ephialtes as ‘the nightmare’ the ultimate traitor.

“Can you and I be truthful now? What’re you running away from?”-Adema

Following his second failure and defeat, Eruista went back to exploring the world. He dabbled in various human cultures and found a home in Rome. After spending several human lifetimes there he eventually took on his first long-term humanoid name “Vergil.” After the poet had passed Vergil took up his wanderings again, making his way to France. Here is where he finally met up with another of his kind, a beauty of a vampiric half-demon named Camilla la Chatelier. She had offered him a deal; she could take away all the pain of his former life in exchange for a companion. Wanting to forget his mistakes he agreed, and her magic sealed his Silver essence in her wedding ring. After he awoke from the spell Camilla reaffirmed his name as Vergil, but told him he was a vampire-Demon like her.

Their time together was marked with blood and destruction and the two lavished in it. They even had a daughter as they bathed in their sin; a beauty of a child they named Andromeda. Despite the Silver being bound by magic his powers still manifested themselves when needed. This came in particular help when Camilla’s father, a prince of Hell, came after them. This specific Demon had a weakness to cold, which Vergil was able to exploit. Following their victory the lovers pillaged his home in one of the many layers of hell. Here Vergil found a sword that was rumored to steal the souls of its victims. He named the weapon ‘Invictus’ and carried it with him. As he grew in power the blade unlocked more secrets to him; such as being able to create a tornado of destruction, and even revive those it had killed into undead to serve him. His wife had given him a different weapon, a shard of glass implanted in to his right collarbone. When Vergil looked in to a mirror he was able to use the reflection to change realms.

All good things must come to an end, or so it goes. After their years together Camilla had grown bored with her lover, feeling as if she had grown soft. She revealed this to him accompanied with an attack, wishing to dispatch him so as she could be free. To add insult to injury she had convinced Andromeda to do the same and get rid of her father. The initial fighting lasted a week, turning their little villa in France to rubble. It was a bitter victory when he managed to freeze both of them in ice and shatter the remains. Something called to him, something he could not explain and he picked up their wedding ring. The first touch gave him a flash of his former memories, showing him the glory he once was. With that came the reminder that in this realm Demons needed to be slain twice; when their body on the material plane was destroyed they traveled back to the Abyss.

“Revenge is the concern of those who are at some point beaten. I am not beaten, I told myself. No, not beaten. And victory is far more interesting to contemplate than revenge."-Lestat de Lioncourt

Using the shard his wife had given him Vergil found his way to the Abyss and made his way down the various levels. At level seven he encountered his daughter, who was not enough of a match to be his equal one-on-one. Before her second death she was able to land one blow, shattering the glass in his collarbone, effectively trapping him.

Level eighteen was where he found Camilla. The exchange of words was more intense than the fire that burned around them. When Camilla drew her weapon, intent on taking him down with her, Vergil threw their rings in the fire. As the flame destroyed the precious metal it also dispelled the magic used to bind the Silver Dragon. Once freed Vergil remembered everything; and for the first time in hundreds of years retained his true form. The Demon was no match for the newly re-awakened and irate Dragon.

“I am, as before, your right hand; your sword.”-Raziel

The amulet Mobius had given him once upon a time was cracked and shattered. Taking a risk Vergil invoked its powers one more time, which landed him at Thermopylae. As if he always would be there; Mobius was standing there ready and waiting. Armed with all of his powers, his two favored weapons and raw anger, the brothers went to war one last time. It took a month before the two Fabled were left in the human forms, exchanging blows of steel. Vergil had studied more in the human ways of fighting than his brother and ran him through with Invictus. As his soul was absorbed in to the blade; Mobius placed a curse on his younger brother. He bound the frightful soul-stealing weapon to Vergil’s soul blade. The death throes of the almighty Dragon wounded his brother and sent him spiraling in to the sea.

Vergil washed up on the shore of the Greek city Kavala and began his life anew. While he only spent one human lifetime there, it was one of deep thought and consideration. He reviewed his life while making a simple living telling stories and being a potter. The people had made it a more pleasurable experience; never before had he seen such kindness from humans. At the end of his ‘life’ he decided to travel even farther East, back to a country he did not spend as much time in as he had wanted the first time around.

Japan treated Vergil very well and the budding philosophy of the Samurai treated him even better. The philosophy of Bushido along with the strict dedication and practice helped heal the aging soul. Here Vergil learned to master the bow, nunchaku and perfect his skills with the longer blade. During his last life there was an immediate and intense bond with a human named Ryuunosuke, who had discovered his secret like Alcaeus did so many years ago. He was taught a great many things by this man and his wounds finally had finished healing. When his ‘father’ died Vergil left Japan, having been there for nearly 800 years. In fact, Vergil still has a small shrine dedicated to both Alcaeus and Ryuunosuke in the back of every lair he has created since. On their respective birthdays he cleans their armor and offers a small prayer in their respective languages, and one in Draconic.

“Good men don’t need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.”-The Doctor

Following his leave of Japan, Vergil somehow found a companion in an alien time traveler who had a human woman with him. He was offered to travel with them in what looked like a police box. The woman’s name was Donna and the man simply called himself The Doctor. Upon introduction to them he debuted his new name: Ryokou Alcaeus Kavallion. Ryokou was a shortened, modernized version of his recent father’s name, Alcaeus was his Spartan father’s name, and Kavallion held its roots in Kavala the place where Ryo began to heal. For quite some time he traveled with the eccentric, skinny man and the fiery red-headed woman. While there was constant danger Ryo practiced pacifism as the man had instructed. On his last travel experience with the duo he was forced to wield his powers; freezing a metallic alien who screamed “Exterminate” and almost succeeded in killing the woman. With a frown Ryo was left in Cardiff in 2006 with a gift and a job. The gift was a copy of the object his host used, dubbed a “Sonic Screwdriver” that had a myriad of uses. The job was with an institution named Torchwood that dealt with paranormal activity who’s boss had also been a companion.

The job at Torchwood was fantastic. Ryo spent his days doing research and his nights saving people from a variety of odd and dangerous aliens. Everything was going along fine until he decided to check in on his former friend. Things were not as well as he had thought them to be.

Upon investigation he discovered that Donna had gained a subconscious of the same species as that crazy man in the blue box. A psychic field prevented her from tapping in to it, lest it would cause her death. All would have been well and good if it were not for the amnesia that went along with it; any memories of her time in space would cause her to burn up. For all she had done for him, Ryo could not let this persist.

Pulling up hundreds of files on body-switching Ryo began to study. Eventually he succeeded in what he set out to do and had learned how to do the inverse of the practice; he could transfer consciousness in to himself. Working on a plan with Donna’s grandfather he succeeded in taking the powerful consciousness from Donna without harming her, and giving her back her memory. For all of his power Ryo was unable to contain the consciousness himself and teleported in to the stars. As Donna and her grandfather looked on Ryo let loose all of his power, being forced to destroy himself.

To this day Ryo could not figure out how he made it to the spectral realm instead of going straight to what should be his final resting place with his father. Maybe it was Bahamut’s doing? Maybe it was even sheer force of will. Regardless he was a wraith in some strange world. After many weeks he finally found a way to implant his essence in to a dead body, reviving it and shaping it in his image. It took even longer to find a powerful enough Cleric to return him to a body on a more permanent basis; let alone that he had left all of his equipment in his lair when he was destroyed. Sure enough, that too was fixed and he made a new lair in the mountains near the Golden Gate Bridge with the highest priority being defense.

Once established Ryokou noticed that he had no desire or need to consume blood anymore. He had also lost a decent amount of his former powers, no longer being able to utilize telekinesis or short teleports with as little effort. Somehow, some way, his death and rebirth had cured him of vampirism. After a lengthy debate he decided not to be turned again; the vampires now had too many weaknesses and that part of his life was over. It was time to move on.

Recently he has found a home at the Darkmoon Tavern; watching a variety of species and listening to the conversations that go on. Very rarely does he speak and even more rarely is he in his preferred human form. Humans to Demons to Angels and other Dragons; he has made contact with several of the beings some have responded well and others haven’t.

"Might controls everything, and without it, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself."-Vergil, Son of Sparda

Luckily for Ryo not all of his powers are diminished. He maintains a wealth of psionic ability that requires a lifetime for most humanoids to master. In addition he has become very talented in multiple weapons, his favorites being the longer blades and the bow. When wielding a sword he much prefers accuracy over raw power. His bound weapon can take the form of a bastard sword, shortsword, katana and two-sided sword. He also carries an assortment of other weapons for different situations and utility: two nunchucks, three knives (only two are combat oriented), a spear and a shield. Those are only a few of the variety of tricks that Ryo has up his sleeve and a good warrior never reveals them all.

Information compiled by the David Talbot of the Order of the Talamasca prior to his disappearance in 1994. Project undertaken by Lucias Neroakula Kolvayo in 2010. The author(s) would like to acknowledge individuals who helped make this a reality: Torchwood Institute in Cardiff, Harriet Jones former Prime Minister of Britain, the Council of Thirteen, Wilfred Mott, amongst others. Work still in progress.
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Ryokou Alcaeus Kavallion
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